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Thanks for stopping by. I'm a life and dating coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and make the changes necessary for personal growth and success. If you're curious about having a personal coach, then you came to the right place!

About Me

I come from a diverse business background. Starting as an actress and television host and then transitioning into the makeup and hair department within the entertainment industry. I now find myself in a place that feels a lot like serendipity. 

One thing that has always remained constant is that I love love and I'm a self proclaimed hopeless romantic. I mean, why else would I have not given up on love amidst the common and often brutal modern dating practices a long time ago, right? 

It was through my own personal dating experiences and my raw yet comical dating vlog that introduced me to an industry that has the potential to be transformative and life changing. It's no surprise that I felt passionately about becoming a certified coach in order to help men and women in the dating process. Throughout the years I have experimented with every form of dating. I have been on average dates, mind blowing dates, shocking dates and have the stories and life lessons to prove it.  I am driven to change the direction dating is going and bring back that old school kind of love in a modern, technology driven world. 

We all know that the face of dating has significantly changed over the years and my no bullshit, honest approach will give you the framework and mindset that will enable you to have the relationship that you desire. Her practical tools will help you make distinct changes in your thought process, help you to identify and break old patterns and ultimately relate to a potential partner in a new and simple way. 

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, are experiencing anxiety, keep getting the same results, procrastinating in any area of your life, self sabotaging, or have trouble achieving your goals, let Shantelle put her passion into practice for you. Now let's get started!





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