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Hi There!

I’m a Toronto based content creator who is obsessed with DIY projects, creating craft tutorials and flipping any furniture I can get my hands on. I am passionate about keeping reusable items out of the land fill and I do that by fixing, updating, up cycling and or reselling those items, so they can have a second life. Join me on my journey...

About Me

I grew up in a house with a VERY handy father. He transformed one of the bedrooms in our house into his workshop where he had tools, hardware and machines for days. This piqued my interest as a curious little kid, so I began to spend more and time with him in his workshop. What his dad taught him growing up, he was now passing down to me (thanks grandpa ;)


Skip to many years later when I was planning on purchasing my very first home. I couldn't afford a new build, or even a renovated house for that matter, so I did the next best thing, which was buy the oldest and most dilapidated house I could find. We're talking knob and tube wiring, plumbing that was falling apart, radiators that were literally falling through the old hardwood floor, a backyard filled with weeds taller than me and the list goes on and on. I maybe bit off more than I could chew, but my father was still supported and continued to drive over every weekend to help me tackle the next project and solve the next problem.


The plan was to live on the main floor while renovating the rest of the house and eventually turn the house into a triplex, so I could rent it out. Oh, and did I mention that the house came with a family of tenants too? Between the tenants, a flood that ruined my floors and ceiling, multiple major leaks, a relationship breakup, and a contractor injury....we literally experienced a bit of everything. It was then deemed the 'cursed' house lol. In the end after many tears, lots of laughter and lessons learned, it was finally finished. Have you ever heard people say, "if you have a renovation budget, be prepared to double it because problems will arise?" well, they weren't lying. I went way over budget, even though I bought most of my supplies thrifting, or hitting up the local re-store for second hand items. In the end, I was able to resell it and make a pretty good profit. Although it was a stressful period in my life, I wouldn't give up the time I spent with my father for anything. As he ages and one day will not be able to do this sort of physical labourI, appreciate these moments that much more.

When the pandemic hit and I was out of work and forced to isolate for long periods of time, I felt like I needed something to keep me busy and sane. Something that would bring joy back into my life and inspire me to continue learning...and that turned out to be furniture flipping. I found furniture on the side of the road, in my building's recycle room and on Facebook marketplace. There was furniture and more furniture and even more furniture everywhere I turned. Did I know how to restore, or flip furniture? No! Did I believe that I could figure it out? Yes! Sometimes having blind confidence in yourself works in your favour. A lot of my progress was trial and error and of course attending the school of youtube.


When I looked up furniture flipping on Tik Tok, it was like I hit the jack pot....I found my people! So, I decided to start recording my successes and failures, so I could share  tips along the way to help the next person avoid the same mistakes I made. It became clear that my goal on social media was to inspire people who have an interest in DIY, furniture flipping, or crafting, even if they claim that they have no talent for it.  I was raised to be an independent woman who had the confidence to fix things around the house instead of relying on someone else to make it happen, or spend tons of money, on a handy service, so it was fitting that my audience is made up of mostly women. Women I plan help, teach and cheer on!

Furniture flipping can be a good source of income, but it's also a great way to save quality pieces from ending up in the landfill. Most of the furniture I find can easily be fixed and in the worst case scenarios be turned into something completely different with a little imagination (up-cycling). I encourage people to donate their items to a local furniture flipper, a thrift store, the re-store, or post it on a free or trade facebook group. What is your trash is literally someone else's treasure.


Welcome to my DIY family!  Join me on Tik Tok and come along on this crazy journey with me...

Three layers of tile later...
Keep smiling even though your renovation budget 
has almost doubled ;)
Don't touch my will literally crumble!
Moments before I realized I was allergic to drywall dust
Attempting to replace a window when this is how much space there is between mine and my neighbours house
I don't know what's stronger...the masking tape holding the lights up, or my will to finish this flip...

When it's your 50th visit to Rona trying to troubleshoot another problem and it's past your bedtime





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