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Hey There!

I'm Shantelle, a television host, actress, voiceover artist and Jill of many trades...

About Me

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but has traveled and lived in cities such as Los Angeles, in order to pursue a career in the arts and follow the opportunities I have been given.


I've expressed a love for acting, singing and dancing since my childhood.  At the tender age of four, I played my first role as the Virgin Mary.  Although nothing could possibly top this non-speaking role, at the age of fifteen I auditioned for Wexford C.I., a high school for the performing arts. There, I gained life-changing experiences that made me realize that acting was my calling.  After graduating with the drama award, I decided to turn her passion for acting into a career. I went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting at the University of Windsor to further my performance skills.


I now have over twenty years experience in the Industry, working in film, television, hosting, theater, print ads, voice-overs, web series and more. My strengths in sketch, improv and physical comedy have allowed me to be bolder with my choices and quick on my feet...accept for when I'm wearing 4 inch stilettos. I had the opportunity to teach at Wexford C.I., where my passion for teaching drama and directing came alive.  I am also an improv Instructor and have studied at the famed Second City Conservatory in Toronto.   I have studied on camera acting classes with Lewis Baumander in Toronto and Toni Attell and Stephen Book in Los Angeles.

Since hosting and being inspired by a show on HGTV called 'Live Here, Buy This', I flipped my first income property in the city and plan to do a lot more.  I also has a knack for DIY projects and thinking outside of the box when it comes to finding decor options. There's nothing better than creating something with my own hands and having a story to go along with it! Renovating and designing on a budget is my specialty.

I have a love for traveling, helping others, trying new things, art, music, making people laugh, reading, playing volleyball and yoga. 





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